A group of riders in Thorsmork
Riders in Thorsmork

We still place a high value on clients who come to us via the web even though loyal clients and word-of-mouth has taken us past being a major web presence.

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(We took our first group riding in Iceland in 1995.)

The Icelandic horse, or Icelandic pony, is known for its smooth riding qualities.Explore Iceland with its glaciers, volcanos, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers.A great riding holiday.

Some of the unique aspects of riding in Iceland

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.All of our tours (except for the shortest tours) include airfare but we can also give you prices without air.

Horse trekking in Iceland is a continuation of a pastoral society's centuries-old equine tradition. We have many Icelandic friends who spend a summer week riding in the highlands. For 30 + years touring has been offered to non-Icelanders. Iceland is part of Europe but their way with with horses is pretty unusual. Here are Jon Peytur and Ingolfur cutting out a horse from the herd.

If you're looking for other ways to explore Iceland (without horses, that is) you can still use our experience and expertise. Check out the Iceland Adventure website to see some of the many possibilities


Here are a few more video clips.

Touring on Icelandic horses. Riding up-valley to take a dip in the hot springs

If you are one of those people who think of the Vikings and their ships and haven't given a thought to the Vikings and their horses - please read on..

Icelandic horses have been an important part of life on this Sub-Arctic island since Vikings settled Iceland over one thousand years ago.And not long thereafter horse touring started in Iceland. Icelanders have always gone horse-touring to keep their horses in condition for the sheep and horse round-ups in the fall. And, since governing themselves required gathering together annually in a field in Southern Iceland, with regional meetings closer to home, riding long distances quickly became part of their culture. For many farmers in the distant valleys, a horse back riding tour with friends and neighbors was one of a few sources of socializing and recreation. Some years ago a few lucky Europeans started joining their farmer friends on these summer rides through Iceland's countryside. Today it's quite easy to join in these remarkable adventures. And, here's the best part - you don't have to be a life long equestrian to enjoy a Horses North Tour! Any moderately fit outdoor lover can comfortably ride these great little horses!

Over the years we've talked to lots of riders, travelers, tour outfitters and bon vivants. We've hand-picked breeders, trainers and farmers whose high standards in horses, leadership, and food impressed us. And - whose enjoyment in what they're doing goes a long way toward making a great tour. We've selected the kind of tours we want to go on ourselves. We've chosen outfitters who know the horses they use for trekking very well, and are good at matching them to the riders abilities. They enjoy leading groups through the mountains and valleys of their homelands, and expect to end the day's riding seated before a great meal.

Each Horses North tour offers something different: choices in landscapes, geography and duration. They all share some things: beautiful landscape, good horses, and nice people. We have a ride for any level of rider, and we can arrange to take care of non-riding companions as well. There are scheduled longer tours running from May through September and year-round opportunities for some level of riding. Each year we add few new tours to offer, and some very nice training choices for people who want to learn to be better riders and trainers

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If you're looking closely at prices please look closely at just what is included in a tour. Many of our tours include an extra night or a hotel upgrade, and almost all include air to Iceland and ground transfers (tours starting from Akureyri in the north usually include air to Akureyri). We have set up our business to offer service and value to our clients.

Visit our sister site www.icelandadventure.comhp[for other kinds of tours in Iceland (and lottsa photos)

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