Autumn Colors
and Northern Lights

Strikingly stark beauty in a corner of this planet that has been experienced by only a lucky few. Riding in different directions and into different landscapes with the added excitement of a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

This tour highlights one of our favorite areas - northern Iceland - and it’s based on a lovely northern farm, where you can watch and take part in some of autumn traditions as well as riding out for a last look at the mountainous landscape before winter really settles in.

The tour price includes the flights north and all ground transport.

Travelers from North America leave for Iceland on an overnight flight with an early morning arrival at Keflavik Airport in Iceland.

After arriving at Keflavik International Airport the Flybus shuttle will take riders into the Reykjavik airport, for a dramatic 45 minute flight to Akureyri, the "capital" of northern Iceland. Here the folks from Polar Hestar will pick up riders for a short drive to their farmhouse Grytubakki for dinner and a good night's sleep.

After breakfast, riders will meet the horses for a little introductory ride. You’ll head towards the river Gljufura, around the mountain Hðfdi. There are views up and down and across the fjord called Eyjafjordur - snow capped mountains, deep valleys far across the fjord, the little city of Akureyri and the island of Hrisey. After about three hours in the saddle, you’ll to back to Grytubakki for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast, riders will saddle up and ride down to the coast to check out the little fishing village of Grenivik. Then it’s north to explore the edge of the Fjord with its abandoned farms, broad meadows, deep valleys and clear rushing streams.

Off for a two day trip up the Fnjoska River from Eyjafjordur, through a pass that slips between 3000 foot high ridges. A few miles further and the river and the trail both turn south into a gentler and broader valley to the night's accommodation - the farm Hjardaholt.

Today the ride back to Grytubakki takes the high ground! There’s great views over Eyjafjordur and a touch of folklore. The Holy Hill, Helguholl, sits on a ship filled with gold left by the old Vikings. The story is that if the gold is unearthed it will cause all of the churches that can be seen from the hilltop to burn down.

Another two day trip. This one goes inland through the Troll's valley and ends at the height of land between Eyjafjordur and the ocean that stretches to the North Pole. Gil, the sheepherder's hut is home for the night. Since the nearest electric light is 15 or so kilometers behind the chances are pretty good for Northern Lights. This night also may mark the furthest you will ever get from civilization!

The last day of riding: from the isolation of the hut Gil to the warm cheeriness of Grytubakki. Along the way, you may find some of the hundreds of sheep that have spent the summer on these hills. Supper and reminiscences at Grytubakki.

After breakfast riders will be taken back to Akureyri, for flights to Reykjavik, and on to Keflavik to fly back home, or... on to further explorations in Iceland.

Accommodations on the Autumn Colors Tour are traditionally Icelandic. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and towels, soap and shampoos. A bed and mattress will be provided. The farmhouses, mountain huts and cabins where you‘ll sleep are all warm and clean. Typically there are several beds per room, and in huts there may be one big room. Most will have shared bathroom facilities.

Meals will be family style with lots of typical Icelandic cuisine which features fish, dairy products, lamb, and potatoes. Vegetarians can be accommodated with advance notice. We’ll send you a gear list that provides tips for packing, as well as info on converting money and electricity, weather advice (no guarantees, though) and other useful stuff.

Download a PDF of the itinerary of the Autumn Colors Riding Tour

Travel Dates for Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors runs 3 times in 2016. Below are travel dates -- we’ll be happy to arrange for an earlier departure or later return. Your arrival day in Iceland is always a transfer day, which allows you to rest from the short night of sleep on the flight, before you start riding on the second day.

Leave North America Return North America
Sunday, Aug 28 Sunday, Sept 4
Sunday, Sept 10 Sunday, Sept 17
Sunday, Sept 17 Sunday, Sept 24

The price for this 8 day ride is $3121 per person. The price includes round trip airfare, with US departure taxes, fuel surcharge, from NYC, Boston, and from Washington Dulles International Airport - (ask for prices from Denver, Minneapolis, Anchorage, Seattle, and Toronto). Also included are flights to and from northern Iceland, most transfers, accommodations in guest and farm houses with shared baths, all meals, as well as rain gear, and safety helmets are also included.

*Not included in the price are travel insurance, breakfast and lunch on arrival day, lunch and dinner on departure day , and any additional travel you choose while in Iceland.

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