The Icelandic horse, or Icelandic pony, is known for its smooth riding qualities.Explore Iceland with its glaciers, volcanos, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers.A great riding holiday.

Cross country Tours of 5 Days and More

Multi-Day Tours - 4 Days and Longer

A bit more demanding and going deeper into the countryside. Generally speaking the longer the tour the more demanding it is. Don't be confused by the term Cross Country. Icelanders don't do English style Cross Country riding over a course set up with jumps. The Icelandic tradition is to ride with your herd of horses from hut to hut - thus the cross country description. They're a great way to really experience how and why the Icelandic horse is as it is - they need that stamina, energy, temperment, and most of all, that tolt, to cover this rugged landscape!

Some of these tours are set up as circle tours where one returns to the starting point. Some go more or less straight in one direction and then the outfitter brings the riders back to the starting point - while the horses get ready for the next rideOne of the atractions we find in Icelandic horse touring is that we rarely see other riders on the trails and the openness of this kind of riding.

Summer Farewell 7 Days in beautiful North Iceland with the touch of oncoming Autumn. Basically riding with the added dimensions of History, Sightseeing, Whales, Elves and Vikings!
Farm guesthouse accomodations 7 Day/5 Riding

Thorsmork: 6 days. One of the best rides in the country, through one of Iceland's most spectacular parks, along and through glacial torrents, into deep green canyons and forests, under the watchful eye of three glaciers! Ride with a herd of horses, stay in mountain huts, farm guesthouses, some with hot pools. There's lots to be seen, and a chance to try many horses, during 120 km of riding. 4 riding days.

Golden Circle: Enjoy 8 days through southern Iceland's natural and historical highlights. It's the longer version of the Geysir - Gullfoss Special listed -you'll see a bit more of the land and get more riding! You'll travel at a relaxed pace, through some of Iceland's most well known sights. Accommodations are comfy too - made up beds in comfortable guesthouses, with hot pots for the end of the day. 6 riding days.

Hekla DeLuxe: 8 days with 6 days of riding with a herd of Icelandic horses between the volcano Hekla and Tindafjallajökull Glacier. This area is known for its nice, soft riding paths and very unusual and beautiful nature. A touch of Saga era history.

Tour of the Elves: 8 days. Explore the beautiful northern fjords and valleys, with a glimpse into Iceland's history and culture. This is a fun, not-too-hard ride that starts from a lovely northern farm and ends with several days on a peninsula in the Arctic Circle full of sheep, elves and trolls. 5 riding days.

Fascinating Northern Iceland: 8 days. Riding from a northern fjord and up through valleys formed by roaring rivers and ringed with snow topped mountains. One of the objectives is the Lake Myvatn, considered the lushest biological environment on or near the Arctic Circle. 6 riding days.

Autumn Colors - Northern Lights! - 8 Days The end of summer and the chances to see great displays of Northern Lights. Based on a pretty northern farm, there are a couple of two day tours and some local riding around areas of very distinct charm and some very impressive scenery. 6 riding days.

Trail of Hope: 7 days. The tidal lake Hóp in North Central Iceland is the focal point for this farm guest house tour combining a bit of comfort and a bit of the wild. 4 riding days.

Around Lake Thingvallavatn: 7 days. The plains and geological wonders of Thingvellir and the deep history awash in these regions, combined with nice variations in the riding trails and scenery add up to great riding opportunities and experiences. 5 riding days.

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