Riders and the herd of remounts at Sunset

The Hekla Volcano Deluxe Riding Tour

Hekla Volcano Deluxe

Around the Glacier through lava shaped lands


  • Ride with the Herd
  • Cottages and summer houses
  • 5 days of riding
    One Departure for 2018

Ride with a herd of Icelandic horses between the volcano Hekla and Tindafjallajökull Glacier. This area is known for its nice, soft riding paths and very unusual and beautiful nature. The sandy, grass -covered trails show you some of the lava formations from Hekla’s numerous eruptions through the centuries. Icelands settlers have made many valiant attempts to live in this area shaped by glaciers and volcanos --you’ll visit the farm Keldur ,one of the oldest and perhaps related to the action in Njál´s saga. Between Hekla, and the old sagas, you’ll experience some of the powerful natural and cultural forces that have shaped Iceland - there’s no better way to take this all in than in the traditional way -- on the back of an Icelandic horse!

Sat, June 13:
Leave the US
Travelers from North America leave for Iceland on an overnight flight with an early morning arrival at Keflavik Airport in Iceland.

Sunday June 14:
Welcome to Iceland !
The tour members arrive at Keflavík Airport , Iceland. They take the bus from Keflavík to Reykjavík (BSÍ Bus Terminal). Later in the day they will be greeted by representatives of Eldhestar at 17.30 - 18.00, who will arrange further transportation to the farm Vellir in the neighborhood of Hveragerði. The first evening everyone has dinner together and Eldhestar provides details about the next few days. Horses North clients are upgraded to the comfortable Hotel Eldhestar.

Monday, June 15:
Hveragerdi - Vellir - Brúarlundur
You’ll start your ride with taking a bu to the farm Fellsmúli in the lovely area known as Landssveit. Here you’ll meet the horses and get some guidance on how best to ride them. Then you’ll head northwards to the farm Leirubakki, and then eastwards to the Vestri-Rangá River. The tour continues southward along the river to the farm Hrólfsstaðahelli, where the horses will stay overnight. Riders will head to the old parish house Brúarlundur. 20 km, 4 hrs. .

Tuesday, June 16:
Hrólfsstaðahelli - Foss (Ásgarður)
Today’s ride is in the area south of Hekla. You’ll start the day by crossing the Vestri-Rangá River and then over the lava field Botnahraun, which was created hundreds of years ago in one of Hekla´s many eruptions. The riding path goes over the lava field to the farm Kot, and later on in the day you’ll cross another lava field, called Axarhraun, to the farm Foss. The horses stay overnight here and riders head to the village of Hvolsvollur, where you’ll spend the night in a cozy cottage called Ásgarður. There’s a nice swimming pool nearby which you can visit in the evening. 35 km, 7 hrs.

Wednesday, June 17:
Foss - Foss
From Foss you’ll ride northwards towards Torfafjallajökull Glacier, on lovely riding paths with a great array of sights all around. Some of the herd will get the day off in a field, while riders will take the best tolters on through beautiful valleys and cleft formations between Hekla and Torfafjallajokull. You’ll see nature in action all around, passing abandoned farms, Þorleifsstaði and Reynistaði, and then winding back to farm Foss, and then on to Ásgarður. 37 km. 7 hrs.

Thursday, June 18:
Foss - Rjúpnavellir
Today’s ride will take you through landscapes imprinted by the natural forces of hard wind and volcanic eruptions. You’ll traverse another large lava field -Axarhraun -today, passing the Farms of Hekla, as you head around the west side of the volcano. You’ll cross the Vestri-Rangá River, before getting to your comfy cottage at Rjúpnavellir - where you’ll spend two nights. 40 km and 8 hrs .

Friday June 19:
Rjúpnavellir - Þjófafoss - Fellsmúli
Today´s ride is shorter than yesterdays, on really lovely trails, so you can relax a bit and enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful nature west of Hekla. You’ll ride towards Áfangagil, a place used by farmers during the sheep round-up in the autumn. From Áfangagil the trail heads towards Landmannalaugar, before turning southwards to Rjúpnavellir. 33 km, 7 hrs .

Saturday, June 20:
Rjúpnavellir - Þjófafoss - Fellsmúli

Ride on towards the glacial river Þjórsá where you can see the Waterfall of the Thieves, Þjófafoss. The soft sandy trails riding take you through a low birch forest to the old farm Skarfanes. The horses know that they are on their way home so there’s no problem moving right along. Soon you’ll be back at Fellsmúli where you started. In the afternoon you will be driven back to Reykjavík, where the group may choose to spend the evening together. You’ll have a last night in a comfortable hotel room (another upgrade for Horses North clients). Often riders all go out for dinner together, but it’s not included in the price. 45 km, 7 hrs .

Sunday, June 21:
Farewell to Icelandi
You’ll have a long morning to relax, explore Iceland’s capital city, visit geothermal swimming pools, cafes, museums and shops, before taking the Flybus shuttle to Keflavik Airport in time for your flight back home.

You can download a PDF of The Hekla Volcano Riding Tour itinerary

Dates and Per Person Prices*

The Hekla Deluxe tour runs twice during the summer of 2018. Below are travel dates--and it’s easy to add a couple days on either end, if you want to see a bit more Iceland. Your first day in Iceland is always a transfer day, which allows you to rest from the short night of sleep on the flight, before you start riding on the second day.

Leave N America - - Return to N America
Thu June 14 -Thu June 21
Tues July 10 -Tue July 17

*Price: :
In 2018 the fully inclusive price for the 8 day Hekla Deluxe tour is $3.787 per person/double occupancy. (pp/do), $3973 single.
Price includes round
trip airfare, including departure taxes and fuel surcharge, from Boston, New York, Orlando, and Washington Dulles International Airport (ask about prices from Anchorage, Denver, Seattle, and Toronto). Also included- all airport transfers, hotel accommodations with breakfast and private bath pre and post ride nights , and meals on the tour.
*Not included
in the above price: travel insurance, lunch on your arrival and lunch and dinner on your departure day, and any additional travel you choose while in Iceland.

Accommodations on this tour are a bit more upscale than other rides in Iceland’s wilderness. Traditionally Icelandic, most of the mountain huts and cabins offer hot tubs or natural-warm water showers, so you can relax in relative comfort at the end of your riding day. These rustic accommodations often have some rooms for 2-4 travelers, as well as one big sleeping room. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag. Your outfitter will provide a good mattress. Huts will have shared bathroom facilities. While not fancy, the accommodations are a bit more comfy than many used on other wilderness tours. You’ll stay in the outfitters farm hotel on the night before you start riding, and we’ve upgraded our riders to a downtown hotel for the last night of the tour back in Reykjavik.

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