The Icelandic horse, or Icelandic pony, is known for its smooth riding qualities.Explore Iceland with its glaciers, volcanos, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers.A great riding holiday.

Farm and Hotel Based Tours

Hotel Based Riding Tours

The first three tours are based at a very nice, comfy country hotel. It's the first Icelandic hotel that meets Nordic "White Swan" standards. Cozy, friendly, warm, a great place to return to after a day in the saddle. The last one is in a fun Viking theme hotel near Reykjavik.

Nature's Treasures (means Riders Pleasures!) 5 or 6 days
One of our most well received tours this tour combines riding with a very comfortable base at the Hotel Eldhestar. This tour has 3 or 4 days of riding and relaxing, plus a day on one end or another. March through October.

Volcano Contrasts - 4 days
A great 2 day  introduction to Iceland and the Icelandic horse. Ride across the moor at Hellisheidi, around an extinct volcano, and into a mountain top valley, for a dip in the hot spring at Reykjadalur. Another day goes along the river Olfusa to a noted bird sanctuary, for 55 total kilometers. Comfort at night at a great farm hotel. This riding tour provides  a great start to a longer visit to Iceland!

Around The Volcano  5 days
A perfect way to experience how the Icelandic horse is so well suited to its homeland. From the outfitters  comfortable hotel, you’ll ride over mountains of lava,  into lush hidden valleys, with hot streams running through them  with  marvelous vistas of southern Iceland. Departures in May, Summer and September. 3 riding days.

Best of Eldhestar
This is a short ride over mountains, through valleys and past hot springs And - back to your room at Hotel Eldhestar accommodations each night, accommodations that don't aim for Elegance but, along with really good cuisine are a great and comfortable foil to the efforts of riding. Ideal for experienced riders ready to try Icelandic riding, and want it tempered with comfort.

Eldhestar Exclusive is a tour that rides out on 4 mornings to 4 very different environments; from a nature reserve to a ride on a riding club's track in the city of Reykjavik, to riding to a beach and a visit to an extinct volcano. A 6 day tour with 4 days of riding andthat are chosen to show the large variety of landscapes to riders in South Iceland. Based out of Hotel Eldhestar (and its restaurant).

Farm Based Riding

Farming has always been a mainstay of Iceland's countryside, and there's no nicer place to meet some Icelanders and get to know their landscape a bit. Iceland Holiday farms are comfortable and traditional accommodations, often with shared baths, and usually featuring outdoor hot tubs - just the thing for after a days ride!

Countryside Riding Adventure - 5 Days
A traditional way to see a lot of Iceland. After arriving in Iceland, you'll head up north to a farm guest house on a beautiful salmon river. You'll ride from farm to farm for three days, across the shore of Lake Hop and through some spectacular scenery. The tour is a great start for a longer tour through Iceland. 3 riding days.

Facinating Northern Iceland: 8 days
A ride that hews close to an ancient equestrian tradition in Iceland. Riding from farm to farm with a herd of loose horses to serve as remounts. Few riders today get to experience the close relationship with horses that this type of touring provides.

Geysir - Gullfoss Special: 6 days
A short version of the Golden Circle tour (see multi-day rides) Ride to Geysir and Gullfoss, see southern Iceland's impressive sights from the back of a horse. With made-up beds at farms and guesthouses with outdoor hot tubs. 4 riding days.

Between the Fjord & the Elves
Your host family has farmed at Grytubakki for many years, and Stefan knows every wrinkle in the land. It's just north of Akureyri and just below the Arctic Circle. Juliane’s organizational skills and cooking come from her Swiss homeland, and both are nicely flavored with Icelandic ingredients! In addition to a lovely group of young Europeans to help with the horses, they’re joined by their bright eyed son, Simon, who, not surprisingly, can carry on great conversations in several languages!

Autumn Colors - Northern Lights! - 8 Days 
The end of summer and the chances to see great displays of Northern Lights. Based on a pretty northern farm, there are a couple of two day tours and some local riding around areas of very distinct charm and some very impressive scenery. 6 riding days.

Summer Farewell 7 Days
Shortening of days, the low, grazing sunlight and the snow capped mountains never far away bring the reality of the nearby Arctic Circle Right Here. Combining touring on boat, by van and mostly on horseback from a northern farm; you'll get a singular perspective of changing seasons on this ride.

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