The Icelandic horse, or Icelandic pony, is known for its smooth riding qualities.Explore Iceland with its glaciers, volcanos, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers.A great riding holiday.
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The Icelandic horse is strong, small and willing. It wasn't many generations ago that if you went anywhere in Iceland you went there by riding on a horse. If it was more than a few hours ride you'd pony a remount, a "hand horse", or maybe two. If a number of people were riding together the remounts would be herded together and allowed to run loose.

Having a representative form of government meant that people had to gather together to review and alter the laws, to settle disputes through the courts and to renew and forge new alliances. These gatherings (or "Things") must have seen large numbers of people, and larger numbers of their horses, convening through the passes and over the plains.

The tradition of riding with a free running herd of remounts hasn't ended. On a long tour that covers a lot of distance each day a rider will ride up to 3 horses during that day. We think that some of the wonderful willingness most Icelandics exhibit is based on this. They sort of know that they won't be working all day long and most of the day will be spent running free with the herd so they might just be a bit more willing to work hard for their riders.


The riding experience of seeing 20 to 50 horses riding along with you through the countryside sure does add something to riding in Iceland. (We've ridden with herds as large as 60+ horses.) If this experience interests you here's a list of tours that include riding with a herd of loose horses. They are mostly the more vigorous rides and demand a bit of riding experience and stamina.

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